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Van Buren County Welcome Center - Your First Stop in the Villages of Van Buren


When traveling to or through the Villages of Van Buren your first stop should always be the Van Buren County Welcome Center & McCoy Historical Museum, 809 First St., Keosauqua, IA.   The Welcome Center & Museum are housed in a quaint 1870’s brick cottage with a picture perfect white picket fence surrounding a small adjoining park. 

When you walk through the door the friendly staff will greet you and help you find whatever you are looking for.  Their knowledgeable staff knows the best places to eat, drink, and shop in the county!!  The Welcome Center stocks local and state maps in addition to local and neighboring communities travel information.  They also have the largest selection of Villages of Van Buren souvenirs in the county!  Bonus, they have FREE Wi-Fi for guests!  That would be a great time to check in with friends and family and post about the great time you are having in the Villages of Van Buren.

While you are at the Welcome Center you will undoubtedly want to peruse through the McCoy Historical Museum’s amazing collection of Van Buren County memorabilia.  The Museum artifacts and building, named after it’s benefactor, Hugh McCoy, were all donated to the local historical society in 2013, with the intent of a welcoming place for others to enjoy his vast collections. 

The Welcome Center is now home to the Villages of Van Buren, the local tourism and economic development office, and the Villages Folk School, offering folk arts classes throughout the county. 

The cute little park beside the center is a hot spot for visitors as it is home to a couple of geocaches!  It is also the perfect location for a mid-day picnic, complete with a picnic table!  Mid-summer is a great time to picnic, with no need to pack dessert, as the small apple tree in the corner always has a bumper crop!