On Thursday morning July 25th

Community planning is underway. Check back often for updates.
Questions? Email: douds.ragbrai2019@gmail.com


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As Riders enter Van Buren County on THURSDAY, their first stop will be in Leando, which is directly across the Des Moines River from Douds. We fondly refer to the two communities as the "Twin Cities." Valley No. 3 Country School is located in the shady Leando Park and will be open for riders to view.
Douds Historic Preservation Group will be serving refreshments at this location as will the United Methodist Church and Douds Elementary School who will be raising funds for new playground equipment.

Douds is home to Iowa's Largest Underground Limestone Mine. Thus, the theme for 2019 celebrations...
                            Y A B B A   D A B B A   D O U D S !

FUN FACT: Douds is also the birthplace to Dairy Queen® founder, John Fremont "J.F." "Grandpa" McCullough. 

The 1907 Douds Railroad Depot will be open for viewing. It serves as a railroad and mining museum and a tribute to those local industries, past and present.

As riders depart Douds for their journey to Libertyville, there will be one more historic-adventure to take advantage of at the Mt. Moriah Methodist Church. This historic church was built in 1892, it is the only surviving country church in Van Buren County in near original condition that is located on the original site of church/cemetery combination.