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The hunt will begin June 1, 2022! This project will continue indefinitely and will only end when all the orbs have been located. 

50 Villages Orbs will be hidden throughout the Villages and you may find them while hiking in outdoor locations around the county such as beautiful Lacey-Keosauqua State Park, or one of our many relaxing county parks. Orbs will always be placed within a few feet along the trails. They will never be on private property. Please be respectful and leave property undisturbed. 

What is a Village Orb? 
These are clear glass orbs roughly the size of an orange. They will be dated and numbered. If you are lucky enough to find an Orb we ask that you register it by clicking the link above. 

Who can locate a Village Orb?

We do ask that you only keep ONE per explorer, please.
Don't Forget...please register your orb using the link above!

Get out, explore the outdoors and you just might find an extra special surprise! And if you find a second orb, please leave it where it is for the next person to discover!

Tim Blair
Tim took his first class with Jim Topic, a glass artist in Nauvoo, IL, and instantly became smitten by molten glass. Soon after, he started gathering equipment and remodeling an existing building at his home at Bloom and Bark Farm, located just outside of Keosauqua on Route J40. Tim is a primarily self-taught artist so he is constantly learning and growing as an artist and his studio changes along with him. It was initially a one-room space but has grown into a Local Artisan Market along with an open-air studio allowing him to work year-round in a shaded woodland setting. Tim offers classes in basic glass blowing, ornament making, and more. No experience is necessary, just a desire to cross over to the "molten side". 

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