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Files and Resources

Download a variety of files and resources related to the Villages of Van Buren.  Browse our visitor guide and collection of maps, or download articles and registration forms.


Brochures and Visitor Informaton

Christmas In the Villages (1.5MB)
Des Moines River Water Trail Brochure (846.9K)
Map & Access points along the water trail in Van Buren County.
REDI Brochure (44.6K)
SELP Brochure (44K)
Keo Rlf Application Form (112.9K)
Keo Rlf Guidelines Final (209K)
2014 Villages of Van Buren Visitors Guide (1.8MB)

Registration Forms

Friend Of the Villages Application (58.9K)
Help support the local efforts of promoting Van Buren County as well as helping to preserve the many natural and historic resources.
VBC Historical Society Membership (14.9K)
Support the historical preservation efforts in Van Buren County.

Attractions, Events and Itineraries

Agcitement Group Tour Itinerary (809.7K)
"Oh The Fun You'll Have" Group Tour Itinerary (186.5K)
History Mystery Group Tour Itinerary (633K)
Day Trip Group Tour Itinerary (147.8K)

Vendor Applications

Bonaparte Fall Festival Vendor (142.5K)
Bonaparte Fall Festival October 11-12
2014 Morris Park Vendor (209.9K)
Fall Festival, October 11-12 at Morris Park in Stockport
Bonaparte Independence Celebration Vendor (150.3K)
June 27-28, 2014
Bonaparte September Flea Market Vendor (160.3K)
September 13-14, 2014
Bonaparte Spring Festival Vendor (146.5K)
May 24-26, 2014


Van Buren Iowa DOT Map (1.2MB)
Lake Sugema Map - Fish and Wildlife Area (592.8K)
Lake Sugema Updated Map (1.6MB)
Lake Sugema Campground (544K)
VB Public Hunting Access (299.2K)
Map of Public Hunting Areas for Van Buren and SW Lee Counties, Iowa
Township And Range West (300.9K)
Western half of Van Buren County
Township And Range East (310.7K)
Eastern half of Van Buren County
Lake Sugema Campground Layout (290K)
Historic Hills Scenic Byway (467K)
Van Buren Co. Cemetery Map (2.4MB)
Ia Vanburen Lakesugema 20736 725 0 0 1 (45.7K)


The Iowa Boy (20.2K)
Read an article by Chuck Offenburger in the Des Moines Register about his trip to Van Buren County.
Historic Register_ Bonaparte School (268.6K)