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Nestled in the northwest portion of the county on opposite sides of the river are the "Twin Cities" of Douds and Leando. Leando lies on the south bank and was originally called Portland when settled in the 1830s.

Douds was platted about 30 years later by Eliab and David Doud who stipulated at that time there be no buying or selling of intoxicating liquors in the town. Up until the building of the first iron river bridge (1898), the two towns saw much rivalry. More history...

Now regarded as one community, Douds is noted for its annual Field Days, and its tremendous stone quarry, one of the largest underground mines in the state.

The Douds Depot was built in 1907, replacing an earlier structure, and remained in service until 1972. It is presently a mining and railroad museum. Open by appointment.
319-293-3209 / 641-936-4485

The Mt. Moriah Methodist Church was built in 1892. It served
a congregation until 1958. In 1997, the church was restored by the Douds Historic Preservation Assoc. The church is located 2 miles north of Douds. It is one of the only surviving country church in the county in near original condition located on the original site of a church/cemetery combination. The church is open during
special events or by appointment. 319-293-3209 / 641-936-4485

Valley School No. 3 was built in 1928 and served as a school until 1966. It remained as a community building and polling place until 1990. In 1995, the Douds Historic Preservation Association moved the building six miles into the Memorial
Park in Leando. The school has been restored and is complete with period furnishings. Open by appointment.

The Oak Grove Community is located just East and North of Douds on Iowa-Oak Grove Avenue. Oak Grove School held its first classes in 1872. A new addition was built in 1909 and the building served students until 1959. The adjacent Oak Grove Church was built in 1895 and this is one of the last remaining church/school house sites in the state. The buildings are
used for a variety of community functions. Open for special events or by appointment. 319-293-3066

White School House #5 is located on Hwy. 16 East of Douds.

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City Offices & Facilities

  • Fire-First Responders - 911
  • Douds/Leando are unincorporated and fall under the jurisdiction of Van Buren County. They have no official "city government".


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