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Van Buren's youngest village just turned one hundred in 1987. The community is located in the northeast corner of the county and is known for its flags and beautiful county park.

For those who are stirred by the sight of flags, Stockport has not one, not two, but 285 of them flying on four different occasions each year, weather permitting. Those days are Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. Come and see the "Avenue of Flags."

Nearby to the northeast is Morris Park. Remote and quiet, it is a camping retreat for those seeking refuge from the crowding and noise of tourist traps. It also features historic buildings with relics on display as well as a stocked pond.

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City Offices & Facilities

  • City Hall, 212 S. Main St., Stockport, Phone: (319) 796-2135
    City Council meets the First Monday of every month at 7:00pm.
  • Fire-First Responders - 911
  • Stockport Public Library, 113 Beswick St., Stockport
    Phone & Fax: (319) 796-4681
    E-mail: stocklib@netins.net
    Hours: Mon & Wed: 2:30-5:30pm; Fri 9am-12pm 


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