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Morris Park

10938 Timber Road
Stockport, IA 52651

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Quiet, peaceful and remote, Morris Park offers a beautiful setting for camping and for the pioneer relics on display there.

The 60-acre park, located northeast of Stockport, has seven buildings containing artifacts from the county's farming past as well as a stocked pond, nature trails, picnic areas and camping hookups.

The area was originally settled in 1838 by Henry and Jane Morris. One hundred years later their grandsons, John and Arthur Morris, established a park in their honor. They built a replica of the original Morris cabin which now contains utensils, tools, clothing, a spinning wheel, and other artifacts from the 1840's on.

Two nearby buildings contain more historical pieces. The "Music Hall" holds an old pump organ and piano along with a dentist's chair. The "Art Hall" displays some Morris memorabilia, old photos and some history of the family.

The newest building is the full-sized replica of a turn-of-the-century barn. Housed in the barn are such things as a glass-sided horse-drawn hearse, a wooden two-man corn planter, the Utica huckster wagon, a replica of a McCormick reaper, a rare hay stacker, etc.

Sitting next to a quiet pond is an old country schoolhouse. The one-acre pond is stocked with bass and bluegills for your fishing pleasure.

The park offers 15 camping spaces with both modern and primitive sites available. 30-50 amp electricity and new shower house.

The park is owned and operated by the Van Buren County Conservation Board as a place to renew and relax. Its atmosphere is typical of the peaceful countryside that greeted Iowa's earliest pioneers.

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