Files and Resources

Download a variety of files and resources related to the Villages of Van Buren.  Browse our visitor guide and collection of maps, or download articles and registration forms.


Brochures and Visitor Informaton

Des Moines River Water Trail Brochure (846.9K)
Map & Access points along the water trail in Van Buren County.
Bentonsport Walking Tour PDF (963.2K)
REDI Brochure (44.6K)
Keo Rlf Application Form (112.9K)
Keo Rlf Guidelines Final (209K)
Bike Van Buren Faq (497K)
Fantastic Road Trips of SE Iowa (1.8MB)
A guide to several fabulous day trips to surrounding counties with the Villages of Van Buren being the "hub" of the adventure!
Forgotten Villages 2016 Update (1.1MB)
Lake Sugema BCA (1.8MB)
Shimek Forest BCA (1.5MB)
Life Along the Lower Des Moines River
Community Organizations (164K)
Houses Of Worship (241.3K)
2018 VVB Visitors Guide Web (2.7MB)
The Mormon Pioneer Traul Across Iowa In 1846 (1.3MB)
2018 Strawberry Festival (6.7MB)
2018 Scenic Drive Festival (2.6MB)
Christmas In The Villages 2018 Brochure (1.5MB)
Christmas In The Villages 2018 Brochure (1.5MB)

Registration Forms

VBC Historical Society Membership (14.9K)
Support the historical preservation efforts in Van Buren County.
Owner Occupied Guidelines 2016 1 (146.2K)
Owner Occupied Housing Application December 2015 Web 1 (346.2K)
Bike VB Liability Waiver (80.6K)
Download Camping Registration (17.8K)
2018 Advertising Portfolio (1MB)
2018 Mail In Early Bird_ Bike VB Registration (138.3K)
2018 Bike VB Mail In Registration_ Post Early Bird (126.9K)
2018 Keosauqua Chamber Golf Tournament (218.8K)
Engage Keosauqua Golf Tournament Fundraiser Form (526.7K)
Chili Cook Off Rules And Entry Form (171.3K)

Vendor Applications

2018 Bentonsport Vendor Application (161.1K)
2018 Keosauqua Vendor Application (248.5K)
2018 Scenic Drive Morris Park Vendor App (1) (304K)
2018 Roberts Memorial Building in Keosauqua, Vendor Application (245.3K)

Attractions, Events and Itineraries

2018 J40 Farm Crawl (411.3K)
Birmingham Homecoming 2018 (2.6MB)
Birmingham Homecoming Tractor Pull And Show 2018 (1.3MB)
Great River Rumble 18 (2.6MB)
2018 Museum Crawl Passport Map (343.8K)
2018 Plein air contest rules (1.8MB)
2018 Strawberry Festival (6.7MB)
2018 Douds Field Day (156.6K)
Letuspaint (64.5K)
2018 Cantril dayz poster (1.1MB)
29th End Of Summer Rally (742.4K)
Horse Show Entry Fee 2018 (418.7K)


Van Buren Iowa DOT Map (1.2MB)
Lake Sugema Map - Fish and Wildlife Area (592.8K)
Lake Sugema Updated Map (1.6MB)
Lake Sugema Campground (544K)
VB Public Hunting Access (299.2K)
Map of Public Hunting Areas for Van Buren and SW Lee Counties, Iowa
Township And Range West (300.9K)
Western half of Van Buren County
Township And Range East (310.7K)
Eastern half of Van Buren County
Lake Sugema Campground Layout (290K)
Historic Hills Scenic Byway (467K)
Van Buren Co. Cemetery Map (2.4MB)
Ia Vanburen Lakesugema 20736 725 0 0 1 (45.7K)
Vbco Cemeteries Gps (211.4K)
Laceykeosauquamap (46.3K)
Vovb Map Scenic Drive2016 (615.2K)
Shimekhike Map (1) (202.9K)
Shimekhorse Map (154.9K)


Online Friend Form (104.6K)
Calendar Of Events Form (26K)
Membership Benefits (34.2K)


The Iowa Boy (20.2K)
Read an article by Chuck Offenburger in the Des Moines Register about his trip to Van Buren County.
Historic Register_ Bonaparte School (268.6K)
Bentonsport Rose Garden March/April 2007 Edition "The Iowan" (4.3MB)
Tony Sanders' Indian Artifact Museum Feb/March 2009 Edition "Our Iowa" (3.1MB)
Abner Martin Nrhp Application (275.9K)
Community Services Directory 2017 (480.8K)

Iowa Temporary Food Permit Info

Lchd Temporary License Application Iowa (430.9K)
Nonprofit Flowchart (20.4K)
Operator'S Guidelines To Temporary Food Service Establishments (108K)
Pre Event Self Checklist (869.4K)