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Geocaching/Forgotten Villages

Keosauqua, IA 52565
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The Forgotten Villages Project just received the Loren Horton Community History Award! The award recognizes outstanding contribution to community history. The Forgotten Villages Project included marking 38 extinct Villages throughout Van Buren County with customized signs telling about the interesting history of each.
Villages of Van Buren and the organization that created the Forgotten Villages Project, the Van Buren County Historic Preservation Commission, teamed up to create the ultimate Villages of Van Buren Geocaching experience!
There are 36 caches related to the Forgotten Villages Project and we invite you to try and find them all! The majority of the caches have been hidden on public land; the few that are located on private land have been placed there with the owner’s consent. But don’t stop at 36 caches, because there are over 60 other caches within 10 miles of Keosauqua and many others throughout the county! Go alone or with a friend; however you go, you’ll be sure to discover a fun new pastime! Download the Forgotten Villages brochure which contains GPS coordinates for each Village. Or visit