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Douds Depot

14168 Walnut St.
Douds, IA 52551
319-293-3209 / 641-936-4485
  • The Douds railroad depot was built about 1907, replacing one that was built in the 1860's.
  • The first trains were those of the Keokuk, Fort Des Moines and Minnesota RR, reaching Douds in September of 1860.  
  • For a six month period ending June 30, 1869, 616 passengers, 346 tons of wheat, 187 tons of coal and 10 tons of butter/eggs, among many other commodities, were transported.
  • The depot officially closed in November, 1972 with the line abandoned soon thereafter.
  • Faced with destruction of this historic structure, local citizens formed the Douds Historical Preservation Association, Inc. in 1974 to save the depot.
  • With the personal interest and generosity of Leon Yates, owner of Douds Stone, Inc., the Van Buren Foundation, local businesses and individuals, the association moved the depot to its present location in Yates Park on land donated to the association by Mr. Yates.
  • The depot with its unusual architecture is only one of four depots that have been saved and restored in Van Buren County.  It serves as a railroad and mining museum and a tribute to those local industries, past and present.

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